Feature Friday: Associate Editor Kurt Kroeber

This week as part of our Feature Friday get to know Kurt Kroeber! Kurt is one of our associate editors who oversees the administrative aspect of our journal including managing orders, getting issues out to contributors and readers, and handling much of our finances. Like all of our editors, he also gets to help narrow down what writing makes it into the issue.

Kurt Kroeber likes to put words into sentences, paragraphs, etc. He’s not published in any fancy literature magazines, but doesn’t really seem to give a care about that rat race (or at least that’s what he tells himself so he can sleep at night). Kurt writes for the We Are: The Guard music blog and in his spare time creates the Movie Novelization version of films currently in theatres. He co-wrote the feature film Psycho Sleepover which you can watch free on the internet if you are tenacious enough and have an affinity for schlocky horror-comedies. Happy Birthday!  Follow him on twitter at @wwwkurtcom.