Fall 2020

ISBN 978-0-931362-18-7

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Text and Art

em fowler | Special Delivery

Jaiden Dokken | Compliancy

Brett Stout | Sometimes a Lunatic, Mostly a Heretic

S. Bennett | Endos Fifty

Carrie Seidler | An Invocation of Glory

Ron Burch | The Name of the Dog is Death

Rosalind Goldsmith | What Is -?

Robert J. Cross | Datagrid

Eric Blix | Heterogeneous Nothing

Charles Joseph Albert | The Copy

Kon Markogiannis | Grafik 15

Toby Olson | Nora’s Research Club

Kathleen Heil | If Lost, Please Call

Marilyn Stablein | Sequence

Barbara Lock | The Toxicant

Text Greshan | Nikki

D. Harlan Wilson | Velvet Sunshine

Alex Checkovich | ’71’s

Ngozi Oparah | Swallow

Fabio Tasso | Reproduction

KKUURRTT | Advanced Praise

Kenneth Calhoun | The White Woman

Ben Miller | it all melts down to this: a novel in timelines (chapter 17)

Stephen-Paul Martin | The Phantom Zone

Robert Boucheron | The Streckfuss-Hamadi Algorithm

Cassandra Passarelli | Fifty-One Rolls

Dan Moreau | Find X

Matthew James Babcock | Forms I & II

Kevin Cocozello | Why I Write 1.0

Hannah Kauders | A Pragmatic Analysis of the Subjunctive Mood in a Breakup Letter

Harold Jaffe | Dada