Spring 2023

ISBN 978-0-931362-21-7

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Enakshi Basu • R. Sebastian Bennett • Michael Garcia Bertrand • JL Bogenschneider • Nancy Burke • Tetman Callis • Robert James Cross • Tuhin Das • Elizabeth Fergason • Cheyenne Huang • Harold Jaffe • Erin Jamieson • Kevin Richard Kaiser • Michael Krekorian • Jennifer Lang • Paul Linczak • Stephen-Paul Martin • Robert Garner McBrearty • Aimee Parkison • Scott Pedersen • Mary Proenza • J. Paul Ross • Paola Tavoletti • James Reade Venable • Tom Whalen

A word from Dr. Harold Jaffe, Editor-in-Chief:

This marks the first or perhaps second preface I’ve written in the 40 years that I’ve edited Fiction International. It is also the last preface I will write since we are closing shop. After ten years in NY under the editorship of Joe David Bellamy and 40 years at SDSU, it is goodbye to all that, good and not so good. I thank the large numbers of writers who have published or submitted their writing to be published. Good luck to you all in this failing world.