Fall 2011

ISBN 978-1-61658-192-3

Text and Art

Art: Norman Conquest / The Soft Machine

R. Sebastian Bennett / Transcript (PARTIAL): Nick-7 at Staples Complex Los Angeles 7.7.09 (Tape 2)

Katherine Chariott / Introduction to the Unofficial Reports

Mark Fisher / We’re All in This Together

Alain Arias-Misson / The Man Who Had No Head

James Carpenter / Extravagant Meanings

Liana Andreasen / Exorcism

Brian Allen Carr / Lucy Standing Naked

Ihab Hassan / Charades

Toby Olson / Amaryllis

Renato Escudero / Playing at Divorce

Kyle Muntz / excerpt from Voices

Camilla Palmer / Maxine

Michael Hemmingson / We Are Not What You Think We Are

Art: Norman Conquest / Meat

Efrem Emerson / Cockatoo

Jake Fuchs / Laughing Face

Carol Novack / My Own Worst Enemy

Joseph D. Haske / Rescate

Richard Englehart / Gull

Larry Fondation / The Common Inquisitor

Stephen D. Gutierrez / Bonnie’s Secret

Gary Lain / Remain in Light

Harold Jaffe / ‘Last Tango in Paris’ (from Movies)

Contributors’ Notes

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