Fall 2010

ISBN 978-1-61658-191-6


Tyrone Nagai / Breathless Being

John-Patrick Ayson / Phoebe

Barbara Maloutas / Downtown L.A.

Carlos Benitez / Border Image

Bruce Dodson / Berlin Wall


Margot Demopoulos / Mending Wall

James William Brown / The Shoes of the Dead

Ali Hosseini / 444 Days

Carrie Messenger / South 1144

Kusay Hussein / A Hole in the Bottom of the Wall

Saadat Hasan Manto / The Insult

Michael Reid Busk / A Child, After Witnessing the Execution of William Wallace…

AD Jameson / The New Adventures of Kool-Aid Man, Part 1

Tony Sinclitico / People’s Exhibit 27

Rion Amilcar Scott / 202 Checkmates

Tom Whalen / Narcissus and Echo

Faruk Ulay / Sound of Footsteps in the Snow

Roland Goity / Vantage Point

Brandon James Anderson, Shawn Mangerino, Michael C. Brickey / Do Not Remain

Bev Jafek / The Devil’s Sentry Box

Stephen D. Gutierrez / Urban Renewal

Gary Lain / Blood In Every Color

Stephen-Paul Martin / Because of the Wall

Harold Jaffe / Arbus/Rothko

Contributors’ Notes

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