Fall 2019

ISBN 978-0-931362-16-3

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Text and Art

Bonk Johnston / Untitled (George Segal sculpture)

Harold Jaffe / Intro

Eurydice / Our Common Prayer

Larry Fondation / Unwell

Elijah Haas / Shrimp Cocktail

Ron Burch / The Elephant

Thomas Fuchs / L.A.

Jonathan Wlodarski / Blistering Silence

Breka Blakeslee / Lost Things

Ivars Balkits / Brain Talking to Brain

D.E. Steward / CRISPR

Norman Conquest / Body Politik [sick]

Joel Harris / Hors d’Oeuvres

Caralyn Davis / The Scenic Route

Jon Mozes / What I Want You to Do

Tara I. Zambrano / Spawn

Marilyn Stablein / Decrepitude

Carol Guess & Aimee Parkison / Girl in Medical Trials

Thaddeus Lenk / Hating the Warmth Industry

ren hlao / Chrysalis

Ali Shapiro / ghost in the museum & ghost in the machine

Sam Pink / Blue Victoria

Jennifer Lothrigel / Tree Woman

Nicole Oquendo / The Antichrist and I (Rice Krispy and Zoo)

Alexandria Liston / moi je joue

KKUURRTT / The Hangover 4 ft. Z. Galifianakis

Olga Alexander / Untitled

Thomas Gresham / Gun on Bike & Amare Vulgaris

Tom Whalen / Memorial Service

Toby Olson / The Old Hand

Robert James Cross / B.K.

Diana Phan / Colonized Soup

Sean Gill / An Inhospitable Place

Jacquelyn Kelley / The Final Nesting Doll

James Burr / If Janus Had Two Faces Then Why Can’t I?

S. Bennett / Erred

Harold Jaffe & Stacey Johnson / Rothko’s Body “Dialogue”

Anonymous / Fly copy