Fall 2018

ISBN 978-0-931362-15-6

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Text and Art

A.C. Kafka | Alcatraz Toilet

Hisham Bustani | One Moment Before the End (translated by Thoraya El-Rayyes)

Kevin Brown | Black Boy

Lindsey Drager | Oral History

Claire Polders | The Brazilian Lover

W.P. Osborn | I see someone waving

Brenda Taulbee | Draught Horse

kerry rawlinson | Freedom’s Climb and Mandela’s Cell

Robeir K. Al-Faris | A Wet Suicide (translated by Essam M. Al-Jassim)

Megan Turner | Border Crossing

Alice Hatcher | Our Exalted Terrestrial Kingdom

Katharine Haake | Triptych: Teeth, Dreambreath, Us Vs Them

A.C. Kafka | Bikini Mannequin

M.J. Sions | Say Something Evil

E. Shaskan Bumas | Blurred Cities

Toby Olson | The Yacht

Darya Tsymbalyuk | A strawberry summer

Matheus Borges | The Clouds

Andrew J. Hogan | The Messenger

Scott Ragland | {Citation needed}

S. Bennett | The Brilliance of Ellipses or Lack Thereof: A White House Presser

Judith Medusa | Oh Momma, Look at Me Now

Clara B. Freeman | The Reality of Homelessness

Joan Raymond | Homeless in San Diego

D.E. Steward | Like Tanning Studios

Shane Roeschlein | Next Day

Bobby Neel Adams | Skulls; Feet Waiting for Legs; and Cowboys in Cambolida

Stephen D. Gutierrez | Greenstone Prophet

Stephen Silke | The Means of Production

J. A. Sinclitico | The Eulogy

Gerald J. Butler | She’s Dead

Margaret Hermes | Dust

Kendal Klym | Come Dance with Me

E. Kelly | Harbor Lights

Gregg Williard | Backroads

Bipin Aurora | The Medicine Shop

Jahleh Ghanbari | My Obit

Jeff Friedman | Coyotes

Christopher Linforth | Wishbone

Harold Jaffee | from Porn-anti Porn: Contesting the Schizoid Body

A.C. Kafka | Alcatraz