Fall 2017

ISBN 978-0-931362-13-2

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Texts and Art

Joel Lipman | Bullet Kept in the Mouth Trick

Ah-reum Han | The Last Heifer

Peter Grimes | The Africans

Michel Vachey (Translation by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier) | XERXES

Suzi Ehtesham-Zadeh | The Baboon

Olaya Barr | Chengdu

Jie Liu | Bad Joke

Thomas Hrycyk | Ghosts with Names and Ghosts with None: Two Towers in Ten Figures

Susan Grace | While Our World in Stupor Lies

Kate Simonian | How I Met My Second Husband

Michael Harris Cohen | Cartograph

Kerfe Roig | Never Seen Nothing

Matthew Scott Nye | Cross Sections

Rachel Greenberg | Proverbs of Hell

Phonesury Lily Ounekeo | This Man

Toby Olson | Flowers

Robert Kostuck | Minino

Craig Foltz | Grackles Decipher the Futures of Other Birds by Stealing Their Children

Norman Conquest | Two Fools Locked in a Font

Simeon Ben Jeppsen | An Idiot’s Guide to Holy Folly and the R/evolution/s of Paradox

Brian Swann | The Clown in the Elevator, the Fool in the Machinery

Richard Gessner | Excerpts from the Diary of a Neanderthal Dilettante

Eckhard Gerdes | An Old Fool

Lea Baker | Snakeskin

Robert Pope | Security System

Brandon French | A Mother’s Love

Tom Whalen | Jean Paul Richter

Mark DiFruscio | Understandings

Matthew Roberson | Yurt

Joel Lipman | Enigmas & Games

Harlan Wilson | The Role of Ages

Karl Jirgens | Fools of Fortune: Cinderella Pecadillo

Larry Fondation | Owning a dog

Anya Groner | Sweet Tooth

Kerfe Roig | Face to Face

Scott Nadelson | The Prize

Ilya Leybovich | Sleepwalkers

Joel Lipman | Entertainment

Brian Phillip Whalen | People Talk

Tara Stillions Whitehead  Deleted Scenes (3 of 78)

Kerfe Roig | Obvious

Harold Jaffe | Last Tango in Paris (1972)

D. E. Steward | Decrepit Old Parenthetics