Fall 2016

ISBN 978-0-931362-10-1

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Texts and Art

Catherine Jansen / Spearboys

Kimberly Dark/ Out of the Woods

Elena Botts / Xenophobia

Eric Barnes / A Heart Doctor For Cats

Tamara MC / Witch Writing

Stephen Poleskie / Don’t Pick the Peonies

Tony Duvert / Public Garden, Night (Translation by S.C. Delaney and Agnès Potier)

Allen Forrest / Man feeding pigeons

Aimee Parkison / Lover with Gun in Mouth

Seeley Quest / meditations on intimacy

Yetta Howard / Public Sex

Audrey Ferber / Tiny

Brynne Rebele-Henry / Persephone

Jennifer Robinette / Holy Thursday

Ploy Pirapokin / Prayer in Training

Ashley Hutson / Coming to Terms

Daniel Ableev / This Could Be You

Ryan Habermeyer / The Good Nazi Karl Schmidt

Brian Swann / Fire Ceremony

Molly Giles / Violations

Andy O’Clancy / Le Manoir de Independent Coming

Charles Green / Flush

Erica Spriggs / Mother

Richard Kostelanetz / Penumbra

Famia Nkansa / IBM

Steven Volynets / First Fireworks

Marilyn Abildskov / Each Day’s Bruises

Catherine Jansen / Man Bathing in Ganges

Adreyo Sen / The Boy Who Loved to Dance

Jake Fuchs / The Whippy Guy, My Mother, Me

Allen Forrest / New World Order, The Board Game

Landa wo / Fanta

Ishrat Husain / Tales From the Toofan Express

Lauren Kirshner / Night Flight to Romania

Richard Kostelanetz / Pharisee

D. Harlan Wilson / Sacrosanctum

Kaitlyn O’Rinn / John Doe (after Edgar Lee Masters)

Robert Boucheron / The Angel of Rome

Michael Arron Gomez / Birth of a Nation

Mark DiFruscio/ Coma Dépassé

Harold Jaffe / Goosestep