Harold Jaffe’s Dispatches from India – November 20, 2015

Buddha Earth Sitting straightbacked and composed, eyes partially closed, under the imposing fig tree in Bodhgaya, Siddhartha Gautama is menaced by Mara, lord of strife and covetousness, who attempts through deceptions to unseat Siddhartha. That Siddhartha is sitting steadfastly on Mother Earth rather than gazing heavenward poses a special threat to Mara. After attempting without […]

Harold Jaffe’s Dispatches from India – November 17, 2015

Ganges Dawn Predawn, everyone’s awake, Kashi’s jumping. Excluding the homeless thousands who are unawake. I’m walking cautiously to the ghats in the semi-dark through littered streets, trying to distinguish trash from cardboard and newspaper humps of low-castes sleeping, groaning while sleeping. Do they dream while they sleep? Is it a collective dream? Has their 2000-years […]

Harold Jaffe’s Dispatches from India – November 15, 2015

Tulsi Ghat, Benares Sunday, 11/15/15, late afternoon Untouchables with mobiles. Cluster of dusky underfed humans, 20 or more, barefoot, rags on their heads or faces glide by noiselessly, except for three or four on their mobiles shouting into the phones in Hindi. Self-confessed electronic utopian, Indian PM Modi, envisions a “digital India.” The resident macaque […]

Harold Jaffe’s Dispatches from India – November 13, 2015

Monkeys As India launches an $18 billion plan to expand the information “revolution” to its provinces, many of the problems it faces are holdovers from the past–electricity shortages, congested cities, an exponentially increasing population, resurgence of infectious diseases–and monkeys. The clash between the old world and the new has come sharply into focus in the […]