Fall 2015

ISBN 978-0-931362-09-5

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Texts and Art

Robert Casella / Downtown Los Angeles, 1989

Brian Michael Barbeito / Apogee Before the Rain

Kathie Giorgio / Breathe

Dylan Davis / Detach

Pavel Lembersky / Visiting the Girlfriends (Translation by Alexander Cigale)

Alison Grifa Ismaili / Touché

Carolyn Guinzio / Puddle Cat

Audrey T. Carroll / His Special Paint

Hal Ackerman / Cross Legs Before Reading

E. Kelly / Stealing Time

Ben Merriman / An Index of Selected Causes of Maritime Oil Spills, 1967-2012

Kalisha Buckhanon / Word*

David Naimon / Past a Roar Completed

Shane Roeschlein / Punk Rock is Dead / Art/Dissent / Letter / Strike

Joel Lipman / Body Fluids are Exciting

R. Sebastian Bennett / MY COKE

Jose H. Villarreal / Pelican Bay

Roderick Michener / Drain

KM Seehaus / Jesus Loves the Little Children

Brian Swann / Whirligigs / The Mirror

Karl Jirgens / Fluids Mechanics: Cold Vodka: Cold Blood

Joel Lipman / Body Tubes Help

Dani Heinemeyer / The Great Flood

Kathleen Boyle / Black Volta

Tony Duvert / The Bar (Translation by S. C. Delaney and Agnès Potier)

Tom Whalen / The Nun and the Robber

Yumil Perez / Lluvia

Linda Downing Miller / In Miniature

Regina Krummel / Fluids

Janne Karlsson / Fluids

Conor Teevan / Into the Drink

Dylan Evers / The Morning Period

Ghassan Zeineddine / The Matriarchs of Margarida

Joel Lipman / Lung Silk

Harold Jaffe / “Hair” (from the novel Brando Bleeds)