Fall 2014

ISBN 978-0-931362-08-8

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Texts and Art

Laura Johnson / Pithecophobia

Kate Nacy / asphyxiophiliapolis

Tony Duvert / the Snowman (Translation by S.C. Delaney and Agnes Potier)

Maura Stanton / How to Tell a Story

Matthew Nye / Ear to Rail

Guy R. Beining / Keyed / Moral Code

Michael Don / Control

Brian Swann / Sugar Eggs

Anastasia Rubis / This Lover of the Sea

Darrel Hospedales / Stock Holders, Profit Margins

Zack Wentz / Man Stuck in Elevator

Jennifer Sears / Sins and Symbols

Richard Kostelanetz / from Lovings

Larry Fondation / Housing a Project Girl

Katie Farris / Why Must You Ask the Question ‘What is Madness?’

Dmitry Borshch / Odalisque / Sign Bearer / Unchained / Waterboarding

Yetta Howard / Obliquely Chronophilic: A Dialogue with Sheree Rose and Martin O’Brien on Do with Me As You Will: A 24-Hour Performance

Chad Stroup / Chance Addiction

D. Harlan Wilson / Cumbria

Evelyn Kelly / Harem

Jo Ellen Aragon / Alone Again

Eckhard Gerdes / Vince Terre and the Bossa Nova

KM Seehaus / Honey

Janne Karlsson / Phobe or Phile

Ryan Francis Kelly / From the Gutter

Norman Conquest / The Only Thing We  Have to Fear

Julie Harris / There’s an App for That

Joel Lipman / Phobetry / Theory 5 Crayons / Who Left the Grid of Grammar

Harold Jaffe / from Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories