Issue 45

Fall 2012

ISBN 978-0-931362-11-8

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Text and Art

Joel Lipman / 10 Eye Lessons

Jackson Bliss / When Silence is an Old Warehouse and Love is a Pocketful of Rocks

Jonathan Baumbach / Breathless Revisited

Norman Simon / The Headache

Charles D. Tarlton / The Turn of Art

Kenneth Bernard / Trauma #37

Gerald J. Butler / A New Way of Seeing: The Night Sky of the Enlightenment, William Herschel’s Disposition Toward the Empirical, and ‘Profundity’

Mark Wallace / from We Need To Talk

Shane Roeschlein / Genesis

Kenneth Bernard / #39 from Malone Dies Poems

Andy O’Clancy / Facebooked

Guy R. Beining / Pop Age

Evelyn Kelly / T.V. Demons

M. Benedict / M.M. or (Day in the Life)

Cyril Dabydeen / The Well

Tom Whalen / Vampire in Winter

David Kammerzelt / Viewing

Joseph Triscari / Death’s Head

Mary Byrne / Rogues’ Gallery II

Dorothy Blackcrow Mack / The Black Cradleboard

Toby Olson / The Meal

Gary Lain / Four Photo Sequence

Eckhard Gerdes / Never Made Up

Harold Jaffe / Sacrifice

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