Fall 2010

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Alice Attie [art]

Artist in Wartime forum: Question, Daniel Berrigan, S. J., Gerald J. Butler, Henry Chalfant and Kathleen Chalfant, Todd Craig, Linh Dinh, Larry Fondation, Regina Krummel, Stephen-Paul Martin, Amir Parsa, James Scully, Alice Attie.

Alice Attie [art]

Writings and Art

G. C. Cunningham / I am an Earth Penetrator

Michael P. Kardos / The Highest Point in Delaware

William Male / 15 [photograph]

Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis / Raw Qari & Vitriol

Matt Cates / The Box

Ron Darian / Boys

Belkina / Coffins [art]

Jehanne Dubrow / Dinner at the Captain’s House: Alphabetical Instructions for the Navy Wife

Andy Koopmans / Letter to a soldier, soon to leave for Iraq

Larry Fondation / Repatriation

Derek Pell / DP [photograph]

Ron MacLean / terrorhome

Maik Nwosu / In Biafra

Larry Fondation / Peacekeeper

Alice Attie [art]

Marko Gutierrez / Tomorrow’s Fruit

Jan Ramjerdi – excerpt from novel-in-progress, Utopicon (tentative title)

Tyrone Nagai / Vermin

Alice Attie [art]

Stephen D. Gutierrez / Walter on The Esplanade

Suzanne Gardinier / Sacramento

Jack Daws / Carry-Ons, 2005 [art]

Patricia Eakins / What Remained

Toby Olson / Lockup

William Male / 8 [photograph]

Interview with Larry Emerson

Harold Jaffe / Death in Texas

Contributors’ Notes

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