Fall 2008

ISBN 1-879691-79-5


Norman Conquest / Facelift

Andrea Lozinsky Schoenthal / Auto Worker’s Daughter

Kenneth Bernard / The Dummy of the Ventriloquist’s Dummy

Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis / Scotomy

Charles Lowe / HM’s English Lesson

Alain Arias-Misson / Second Living Room Window

Carlos Benitez, Tina Cabrera, & Tyrone Nagai / Regarding the Pain of Others

M. Joseph Irwin & Tria Andrews / Regarding the Pain of Others

Sam J. Miller / Haunting Your House

Sutherland Douglass / The McGoohan’s Head

Laura Johnson / Like, Totally

Stephen D. Gutierrez / The Hold Up

Thaddeus Rutkowski / Ayatollah

Tantra Bensko / Those Almost Sliced in Two

Thomas Glynn / Dear Deborah

Mark Wallace / The End of the World

Derek Pell / Rope Trick

Michael Hemmingson / Five Freaks

Gary Lain / Ho Chi Minh at Spiral Jetty

Regina Krummel / Pulling the Crap Over My Face

Larry Fondation / Desire for Blood

Donald Breckenridge / from Arabesques for Sauquoit

Samantha Holloway / The Grass Where I Lay

Carol Novack / Ramon’s Dream

Blake M. Hausman / Demanding Exile

Joseph Kane / In the Humm Line

Toby Olson / Too Young to Go Steady

Harold Jaffe / Poe

Contributors’ Notes

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