Fall 2007

ISBN 1-879691-78-7


Joel Lipman / Alef Bet (visual)

Susan Richardson / “The Stuffing of Puden”

Shao Wang / “The Barking Dog”

Katana Blue / flea (visual)

Rob Magnuson Smith / “The Jump to Man”

A.D. Jameson / “Ota Benga Episode Guide: Season 3”

Joel Lipman / Not Apes (visual)

S. P. Tenhoff / “Winter Crane”

Nico Baumbach / “On Robert Bresson and Filmed Animals”

Katana Blue / Donkey (visual)

Toby Olson / “Burial of the Red Squirrel”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Multiply and Fill the Earth”

Katana Blue / Hermit Crab (visual)

Medoruma Shun / “Mabuigumi” (translated by Kyle Ikeda)

Diane Payne / “Synaptic Journey”

Stephen D. Gutierrez / “Cantinflas”

Maura Stanton / “Arion’s Grammar Lesson”

Gerald J. Butler / “Horses”

Katana Blue / Thai Horse (visual)

Sheila Nickerson / “Blackbird: Learning the True Name of Love”

Nicola Masciandaro / “Animal Beauty”

Ted Pelton / “Woodchuck”

Charles Harper Webb / “A Man Walks Into a Polluted Pond on a Hot Day”

Alicita Rodriguez / “The Big Bad Wolf”

Richard Kostelantez / “Mustang Mustnag”

Tom Whalen / “Rudolph’s Story”

Cordell Caudron / “The Way of the Hummingbird”

Cheny Duesler / “Mr. Halverson and Mona Lisa”

Tria Andrews / “Jaundiced Baby”

Roland Goity / “Animal Crack”

Peter Conners / “Animals and Other People”

Joel Lipman / A Few of the Noticeable Features (visual)

Andrew Ervin / “The Phillie Phanatic”

David Matlin / from It Might Do Well With Strawberries

Jai Clare / “Islands of the Blessed”

Harold Jaffe / “Orfeo”

Contributors’ Notes

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