Fall 2006

ISBN 1-879691-77-9


Dorothy Blackcrow Mack / “How I Ruined my Reputation on the Res”

Jan Ramjerdi / from Heart of Sky

Thomas Glynn / “Densha”

Matthew Roberson / “With the Sisters” from Impotent: a hypertext novel

Fiona O’Connor / “Flying Fish”

Richard Tabata / “Lullaby”

Johana Hernandez / “Oranyes”

Mark Yakich / “Trace”

Tyrone Nagai / “Homeland Security”

Tony Sinclitico / “Amiss”

David Hutto / “Gray and Simple”

Ted Grossman / “Pick Me Up By the River”

Katherine Smith / “ White Bat”

Davis Schneiderman & Carlos Hernandez /”Sequencing EFX”

Ricardo Cortez Cruz & Andrew Ervin/ “Yin and Yang”

Lucy Corin / “The Entire Predicament”

Stephen D. Gutierrez / “The Crazy One”

Larry Fondation / “Fix”

Kim Chinquee / “Floss” & “Fairy”

Charles Harper Webb / “On a Bad Day” “Mackerel Boy” “Criminal Mind”

Sam Howie / “Leper’s Lament”

Vasil Bykau / “The Whistle” translated by Ihar Kazak

Dennis Walder / “Signature Man”

B. F. Price / “The Politics of Lefthandedness”

Faruk Ulay / (visuals) from “Beneath the Shadow of Perpetual Defeat: A Graphic Design Manifesto”

Girija Tropp / “Records”

Elizabeth Block / “Opium for the Masses”

Ihab Hassan / “The Hole in the Hoax”

Toni Jensen / “From the Hilltop”

Thaddeus Rutkowski / “ Perfect Victim”

R. Sebastian Bennett / “Busker”

Eckhard Gerdes / “Worms of Wisdom”

Alex Bartel / “My Father Wants a Viking Funeral”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Completing the Pattern”

Harold Jaffe / “Five”

Contributors’ Notes

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