Fall 2004

ISBN 1-879691-75-2


Louise Domaratius / “Mirror”

Lyn Halper / “War Reflections: 1943/2003”

Aziz / “Monk & Suicide Bomber”

Daniel Berrigan / “Letter to Bishop Desmond Tutu”

Joel Lipman / Visual

Carol Bergman / “The Fourth Wall”

Joel Lipman / Visual

Steve Davenport / “Bombelujah”

Claire Tristram / “Vive la Revolución”

Jan Ramjerdi / from Heart of Sky, a novel

Michael Kasper / Visual: Illustrated Aphorism

Shannon Walbran / “I Have to Go Back: An Interview with Ridwana Jooma, Human Shield in Iraq”

Anna Gostynska-Leyfell / “If”

Edward Viesel / Visual

David Staudt / “We Know You’re Very Careful But: A Writer’s Enlistment”

Larry Fondation / “Loyal”

Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis / “Red Dawn/Dawn Red”

Ted Pelton / “G&0: An Inside Narrative”

Michael Krekorian / “Tavit Sasountzi”

B. Z. Niditch / “Acceptance”

Sara Kirschenbaum / “Turning Forty”

Charles Webb / “Think Tank”

Tuli Kupferberg / Visual

Peter Conners / “Kill the Stars”

Suzana Tratnik / “Berlin-Metelkova”

C. D. Nickols / “Free”

Joel Lipman / Visual

Ben Stolzfus / “Bulgaria, 1941-1942,” from Valley of Roses, a novel

Laura Madeline Wiseman / “War Flames”

Mark Yakich / “The Colonel”

Mark Yakich / “Recommendation for Private Henry Wong, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 64th Armor”

Michael Casey / “Petition”

Michael Casey / “Sally”

Scott Tinley / “Rounds,” from In the Wake of My Past, a novel from Homeland, a novel

Cris Mazza / from Homeland, a novel

Gary Lain / “Wild, Wild West”

Regina Krummel / “Clang Shut”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Unidentified Fictive Objects”

Harold Jaffe / “Things To Do During Time of War”

Contributors’ Notes

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