Fall 2003

ISBN 1-879691-66-3


Joel Lipman / Visuals

Ptim Callan / “Re Nuclear Annihilation of Sheep”

Faruk Ulay / “Terra Infirma”

Lance and Audi Olsen / “Sick Extasis: Three Case Studies”

Steve Davenport / “Four Marys of Ecstasies”

Mark Wallace / “Ecstatic Fritz”

Rappel / “Ecstasy and the Bride-charger”

Norman Conquest / Visual

Kenneth Calhoun / “Corpusimilitude”

Solon Timothy Woodward / “Inversions”

Eckhard Gerdes / “Talismanipples”

Lucy Conn / “The Story of Henry Lee Lucas and How it Was For Him and Ottis Toole”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Replacing Human Language”

Charles H. Webb / “Familiarity”

Charles H. Webb / “The New Champion”

Kenneth Bernard / Excerpts from Molloy Monologs

Tama Baldwin / “Hypnagogia”

Derek Kannemeyer / “Serious”

Derek Kannemeyer / “A Bowl of Cereal”

Heather Reyes / “Come Back Lapis Lazuli, All is Forgiven”

Larry Fondation / “Feeding the Habit”

Jeremy Newman / Visual

Tom Whalen / “Louisiana: a gay essay”

Davis Schneiderman / “Marginalia: 1939”

Phillip a Casteel / “Air”

Trevor Dodge / “Tonight on 48 Hours”

Greg Ames / “The Ecstasy of Biography”

Lisa Pearson / “A Passion”

Ben Stoltzfus and Judith Palmer / “Inscription 3”

Efrem Emerson / “I Have Her on the Bed”

Eloy Fernández Porta / “Jacky, the Bear from Tallac”

Eloy Fernández Porta / “Copromoralia”

R. M. Berry / from FRANK

Tamara Shores / “After He Died”

Harold Jaffe / “Nazis, Sharks & Serial Killers”

Contributors’ Notes

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