Fall 2002

ISBN 1-879691-66-3


Craig Shaw / “Domina”

Andi and Lance Olsen / “The Hanged Angel”

Nathan Leslie / “Legs”

Jane Baton Hamilton / “Easter”

Claire Tristram / “Confessions of a Japanese Salary Man”

Larry Fondation / “Dead Things”

Kenneth Bernard / “My New Library”

Robert Specter / “Trussed No. 1” and “Net”

Shu-Huei Henrickson / “Sour Berry Juice”

Roseanne Thong / “Fruit Dreams”

David M. Hurwitz / “Star Crost”

John Rocco / “Dear Dreary Dirty Damned New York” (from FUR)

Kathie Giorgio / “The Call”

Richard Kostelanetz /”Short Novels”

Kirn Addonizio / “The Object”

Katana Blue / two photomontages

Cris Mazza / “Ring of Fire”

Harry Polkinhorn / “Orgasm Manifesto”

Jimmy Jazz /”Less than Purple”

R.M. Berry / “Frank”

Mike Hemmingson / “Karin”

Peter H.Conners / “Malcolm at Thirty”

Jeffrey DeShell / “Peter: An (A)Historical Romance”

Doug Rice / Splintered Words on the Floor

Jonathan Baumbach / “If You Know Who I Am, Please Let me Know”

Virgil Suárez / “Psychopathia Sexualis, or America’s Lovemap of Eros Caliente-OOH!”

Harold Jaffe / “Outfitting the Menopausal Male”

Contributors’ Notes

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