Fall 2001

ISBN 1-879691-65-5


Harold Jaffe / “Dr. Death: An Introduction”

Joel Lipman / Eight Visuals

David Yandell Todd / “This Man”

M. Bernard / “My Boyfriend’s in Jail”

Alan Tinkler / “Morning Comes by Way of Restless Nights”

Laura Hawley / “Extraction”

Ed Meek / “Normal Sex”

Christina Tumminello / “You Die from Sadness”

Tama Baldwin / “Tree of Crows”

Norman Conquest / “Mother Went Mad in the Afternoon”

Charles Harper Webb / “Man Tries to Blow up Museum of Tolerance” and “Cooked Goose”

Peter H. Conners / “Madonna and the Severed Bits”

John Edward Lawson / “Expectations of the Needy”

Jeffrey Hammond / “An Interview with Gerald Hamilton”

Wanda Coleman / “Sherlock Jones”

Lila Zeiger / “Muslim Queen”

Tanya Story / “Black Doll / White Doll” photos by Phillipp Sholz Rittermann

Brooke Watkins / “Fate Waits Around the Corner with a Handful of Pirogies”

Karen Kevorkian / “Magical Thinking”

Hollis Seamon / “Lake Virus”

Lorin Harris / “Good Morning Death”

Kenji Siratori / “Cadaver City”

Aimee Parkison / “Smile, That’s Why He Loves Her”

Marianne Hauser / “My Uncle’s Magic Machine”

Julie King / “Light and Dark”

Mary Boyes / “The Bath”

Efrem Emerson / “Pier 19”

Richard Kostelanetz/ “One Word Stories”

Percival Everett / “House”

Fred Muratori / from Nothing in the Dark

Mark Axelrod / “Van Gogh Potatoes”

John A. Williams / from the novel Colleagues

Michael Filas / “In Corp”

Bart Plantenga / “Spermatogonia, the Isle of Man”

Mark A. Laporte / from The Razor Wire Journals

Contributors’ Notes

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