Fall 2000

ISBN 1-879691-63-9


Harold Jaffe/ “Schizo-Terrorist: An Introduction”

Mark Blickley / “P. S.—An Epistolary Tale”

Gabriel Monteleone Neruda / “Room”

Michele Cooper / “Two Gnarled Branches”

Matthew Blackburn / “Something Horrible is About to Happen”

Tuli Kupferberg / “Great Moments in American History”

Tex Kerschen / “Heat that Doesn’t Warm”

Alix Ohlin / “DSM-IVTM”

Fred Muratori / from Nothing in the Dark

Anonymous / “Mad” submission

Larry Fondation / “Cuckold II: A Bar Story”

Tuli Kupferberg / “The Old Fucks at Home”

R. Virgil Ellis / “The Shy Spuds Suite”

Rappel / “The Luggage of Primus Minum”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Sentenced”

Kenneth Bernard / “Collages”

Zack Wentz / “Where’s My Wife”

Sheryl Lynn Grant / “Lethal Injection”

Regina Pomeranz Krummel and Paul Day / “Her Majesty’s Prison, Birmingham”

Lidia Yuknavitch / “Shooting”

Claire Tristram / “The Good Neighbor”

Mimi Albert / “Ordinary Demons”

Charles Harper Webb / Superman, Old

Kenneth Bernard / “Nullity”

Craig Marshall / “Untitled”

Michael Hemmingson / “Kelly & Gene”

Doug Rice / “A Love Song of Broken Desires”

Lily James/ “Horse”

KarenBrennan/ “On Vision”

Cris Mazza / “Girl Beside Him”

Robert W. Howington / “Cool Man”

Steve Tomasula / “Lullabies of Constraint”

R. M. Berry / “The Sentence”

Contributors’ Notes

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