Fall 1999



Harold Jaffe / Introduction: “Carlos the Jackal”

Russell Kelly / “The End of Everything”

Stephen Kessler / “Final Exam”

Julia Hardie / “The Uses of Hands”

Kingsley Widmer / “Unscrewing the Screws: A Few Lessons in Humanizing Resistance to Work”

Audi and Lance Olsen / “X-Ray Dreams”

Phillip Kobylarz / “Next Stop”

Larry Fondation / “Animal Rights”

Harry Brody / “The Book the Moon Spit on Zeke Rainbow’s Grave”

Claire Tristram / “When the Student is Ready”

Tuli Kupferberg / “Cap & Com”

J. Shepard Casey / “Nine Ways of Looking at the Saboteur”

Toby Olson/ “Seeing Duchamp”

Frances Payne Adler / “down the road, the voices”

Toel Lipman / “Sabotage Series”

Nature De-Natured: Documents from the Mother Earth War

Earth First! / “The Problem”

Judi Bari / “The Bombing Story”

Robert Sutter III / “Italian Feast from the Belly of the Beast”

Julia Butterfly Hill / “Staring Down a Helicopter”

Stefan Wray / “Electronic Civil Disobedience and the World Wide Web of Hactivism: A Mapping of Extraparliamentarian Direct Action Net Politics”

Mex Taybur / “New Issues with The Dirty Dozen”

Earth Liberation Front / “On Behalf of the Lynx”

Sparky/”Playing with Fire”

Ben Stoltzfus / “Egatobas”

Donald Anderson / Sab * o * tage

Jonathan Baumbach / “Lo and Behold” (from Oh, Hum)

Derek Pell / “Excerpts from The Wizard of Sade, or ‘Well Chastised in Kansas’”

Alfred Schwaid / “I Thought I Heard Buddy Bolden Bolden Say”

David Matlin/ “A HalfMan Dreamer”

Craig Foltz/ “The Green Room”

Richard Kostelanetz / “Innocence, Limbo, Guilty”

Contributors’ Notes

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