Fall 1998

ISBN 1-879691-56-6


Harold Jaffe / “Introduction: Terror[isms]”

Tim Blunk / “for comrades who ask: ‘what is to be done?’”

Standing Deer / “Rehabilitation Marion Style”

Claire Tristram / “Somewhere I Have Never Traveled”

Ira Lapidus / Photograph

®TM / “A System For Change”

Jaan Karl Lamaan / “From a Statement in Court”

Bart Plantenga / “Tyrants in Our Iron Skies!”

Heather Reyes / “Terrible Tales of Time and Tide”

Ray Luc Levasseur / “Trouble Coming Every Day: ADX, The First Year”

Kelly Mayhew / “Discussion with Jane Gallop: Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment”

Ira Lapidus / Photograph

David Haven Blake/ “11 Games for the End of the 20th Century”

Paul Magno / “Acts XIX: A Contemporary Account”

Brenda Webster / Edith Bruck’s Story of Her Deportation to Auschwitz (from Chi Ti Ama Cosi)

Regina P. Krummel / “Rikers Island”

David C. Hill / “Excerpt from a Letter”

Joe Valencia / “Pacific”

Said Shirazi / “The Hit”

Ethel Schwabacher / “Eldridge Cleaver”

Michael Fontana / “Tea”

Nigel Hazeldine / “In the Beginning”

Peter Spielberg / “Vanishing”

D.E. Steward / “Octombre”

Fabio Doctorovich / Image

Toby Olson / “Larry” (from Tampico)

Harry Polkinhorn / “Terror Language”

Lidia Yuknavitch / “Blood Opus”

Rappel / “Terrorism: An Introspection”

Tom LeClair / “Relocation” (from Well-Founded Fear)

Clemente Padín / Two Images

Cris Mazza / “Protected by Nothing”

Kenneth Bernard / “Travel Guide”

Steve Tomasula / “Glock”

Scott D. Pomfret / “The Refusal”

Donald Anderson / “Endnotes”

Contributors’ Notes

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