Fall 1997

ISBN 1-879691-48-5



Rappel / “That Kind of Pain”

Tahar Ben Jelloun / “A Little News Item…About Love”

Fanny Howe / “How to Get to Dublin”

Cathy Sorensen / Untitled

Anonymous / “Blind Fates”

Larry McCaffery & Sinda Gregory / “Cybernetic BuddhiS&M: An Interview with Shinji & Yumi Yamazaki”

Shinji & Yumi Yamazaki / Two AZZLO visuals

Harold Jaffe / “Nameless Moroccan 12 Stories Up”

Raymond Federman / “Mon Tour-Menteur”

The Making of Hogg: A Dialogue with Samuel R. Delany

Lidia Yuknavitch / “Strata”

Jonathan Baumbach / “On the Wings of Pain: A Meditation on Three Films by Robert Bresson”

Percival Everett / “The Fisherman’s Wife”

Janice Eidus / “Carpal Tunnel”

Jim Miller / “Turn On/Turn In”

Ben Stoltzfus (text) & Judith Palmer (visuals) / “Romoland”

David Boxwell / “Triptych: Dane, Dekker, Entwhistle”

T. C. Marshall / “The Hook”

Brenda Webster / “Rage and Angels”

Ethel Schwabacher / “Sisyphus Unbound”

Tom LeClair / “Teleton”

Barry Silesky / “Another Party”

W. D. Ehrhart / “Is It Always This Hard? A Brief Sexual Trilogy”

Andi Olsen (visuals) & Lance Olsen (text) / “Sewing My Eyes Shut”

Mel Freilicher / An Interview with David Bronstein

Larry Fondation / “Cuckold”

David M. Hurwitz / “Julia”

Brandon LaBelle / “Music of Cruelty”

Cecile Pineda / “Point Me to the Home of Light”

Cydney Chadwick / “On Holiday”

John Wolfe / Two Images of Vietnam

Donald Anderson / A Self-Review of Aftermath

Jon Forrest Glade / A Review of Jonathan Shay’s Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character

Contributors’ Notes

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