Spring 1995

ISBN 1-879691-31-0


Editor’s Foreword

Lucy Jane Bledsoe / “My Censorship Phase: Notes From a Brutally Honest Nice Girl”

Alain Robbe-Grillet / “Response to Political Correctness Censure” (translated by Ben Stoltzfus)

Nikita / “Serial/Cereal”

Forum on Political Correctness: Noel Peattie / Joan Drury / Alien Ginsberg / Rochelle Ratner / Curtis White / Nicole Brossard / Jerry Farber / Joe Napora / Joan Lindgren / John A. Williams / Nina Silver / Fred Moramarco / Sanda Agalidi / Peter Michelson / Stephen-Paul Martin / Jon Carlson / Geoffrey Cook / Gerald J. Butler / Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Kenneth Bernard / “The Third Kiss, or Cobra Woman Meets the Bag Lady”

Christy Sheffield Sanford / “Blue Lust Diagrams”

Richard Grossman / “The Missionary Position in the Odes of Keats”

Jim Elledge / “Looking at Photographs w/ Krystal Dilithium”

Stephen D. Gutierrez / “The World Came Crashing Down On My Wife; or, Goodnight, Señorita, Home Again, Being An Exploration Of Certain Intense Emotions Having To Do With Me And My Wife, Culled From An Old Story That Went Bankrupt And Went Like This, Something, A Footnote It Was, Experimental Jive, Horseshit, Mishmash, All Right?”

Kelly Mayhew / “Controlling Desire: Feminist Constructions of Sexuality”

Jill St. Jacques / “I Want to Be a Transsexual”

Stephen-Paul Martin / “The Legal System on Trial”

Bayard Johnson / “Taking Out The Trash”

R. Sebastian Bennett / “Alex Unit Four”

Mira-Lani 0glesby/ “Swift County Homemakers’ Club Contest Submission: Why I Love Glory ® Paper Towels”

Jerry Farber / “Golden Grove Unweaving (and not a moment too soon)”

Ted Pelton / “From Combaria”

Cris Mazza / “Excerpt from Afraid”

Jim Miller / “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us”

Jascha Kessler / ‘Two Political Encounters”

Larry Fondation / “Make-Up”

Harold Jaffe / “Camo, Dope & Videotape”


Joel Lipman / four images

Joseph T. L. Keenan / “Dick Chair”

Tuli Kupferberg / two images

Norman Conquest / “Trick Question No. 4”

Sheila Pell / “Corrective Perspective”

Ken Bryan / “Back Door”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti / “C’est La Guerre”

Contributors’ Notes

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