Spring 1993

ISBN 1-879691-15-9


Rodolfo Hinostroza / “The Benefactor” (translated by Alita Kelley)

Robert Appelbaum / “Morte d’auteur”

Jonathan Baumbach / “Violence & Eros”

Elizabeth Hay / “Back to Yellowknife”

Trace Earl Reddell / “transcan full of fishheads”

Larry Fondation / “Blood Relations”

Elizabeth Cook / “Phallacies”

Najah Al Tikriti/Abdullah Al Maaini / “A Textual Experience: One Rose, Two Roses, Th . . . By an impossible sap, a mysterious fluid, evasive voids, a shrouded sun under a sobbing wrap, sleeping pills, Abdullah Al Maaini, etc. .”

Kenneth Bernard / “Prolegomena”

Michael Keever / from “Passing Off” (as told to and translated by Sotiris Evangelakis)

Mark Amerika / “Amerika at War: The Mini-series”

Wendy Walker / “Swan Hunger”

Lynn Luria-Sukenick / “Shore Dinner: An Invention for Tape and Invention”

Mike Mee / “Narrative/Dialogue/Voice: December, August July, 1969”

Jim Miller / “City of Angels”

D. E. Steward / “Augusto”


Harold Brodkey, The Runaway Soul, reviewed by Harold Jaffe

Art (Visual Art Against War)

Ken Bryan / “word sculptures”

Jaune Quick-To-See Smith /”Paper Dolls For a Post-Columbian World With Ensembles Contributed by the U. S. Government”

Christer Themptander / three photomontages

J. D. Crowe / “Iraqnophobia”

Contributors’ Notes

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