Fall 1992

ISBN 1-879691-08-6


Inscribing the Body: An Introduction

Jennifer Lane / “Girl Talk”

Barbara O’Dair and Abby Tallmer / “Sex Premises”

Dion Farquhar / “Pure Porn”


Edith Wharton / from “Beatrice Palmato”

Marc Cholodenko / from “The Story of Vivant Lanon” (translated by John Satriano)

Lisa Duggan, Nan D. Hunter, Carole S. Vance / “False Promises: Feminist Antipornography Legislation”

Chris Martin / Transsexual Interview / “World’s Greatest Cocksucker”

Matias Viegener / “There’s Trouble in That Body: Queer Fanzines, Sexual Identity and Censorship”

Andrea Slane / “Unconventional Weapons”

Ennio Flaiano / “1963” (translated by John Satriano)

Marianne Hauser f “Scandal at the Bide-A-Wee Nursing Home for Mature Seniors”

Mira-Lani Oglesby / “Henry and Ray and the Old Guy in the Wheelchair and Two Cops and Me and Sean Penn”

Kathy Acker / from The Fall of the United States, “Murder”

Mel Freilicher / “Fight the Power: Diseased Pariah News, etc.”

Samuel R. Delany / from Citre et Trans

Raymond Federman / “Once Upon a Time in the Grass”

Carole S. Vance / “The Pleasure of Looking: The Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography versus Visual Images”

John Greyson / from “The Making of Monsters: A Musical About Anti-Gay Violence”

Barbara Henning / “Resumé”

Karl Keller / “What It’s Like to Grow Up in Manti, Utah”

Cris Mazza / “Hesitation”

Joyce Carol Oates / from “Martyrdom”

Rob Hardin / “Still”

Mark Wisniewski / “Full Circle”

Kevin Ray / “Obvious Advertisement: Robert Duncan and The Kenyon Review”

Mel Freilicher / “Prolog”

Edward Field / “Sex in Poetry, A Meditation On My Poem, ‘Triad’”

Greg Boyd / “Horny”

Roy Schneider / “Pubic Skies”

Richard Kostelanetz / “Flirting”

Tom Jurek / from Straight Fiction

Stephen-Paul Martin / “Double Bed”

Lyn Butler Oaks / “Twins”

Ronald Sukenick / “The Flood”

Jean Mainil / “Pornography and Academe: Compulsory Introduction”

Ben Marcus / “Urinating, A Forceful Endeavor”

Michael Brodsky / from * * *

Rikki Ducornet / “Picotazo and Extravaganza,” from Birdland

Pasquale Verdicchio / “Censoring the Body of Ideology: The Films of Pier Paolo Pasolini”

Stephen D. Gutierrez / “Wartime in Fresno”

Robert Coover / from The Adventures of Lucky Pierre, “Man Walking at 24 Frames per Second”

Harold Jaffe / “F2M”


Joel Lipman / “Jesse Helms’ Body”

Chris Martin / “World’s Greatest Cocksucker”

Tuli Kupferberg / “The Old Fucks at Home”

M Rat / Three Polaroids

Greg Boyd / Two Linocuts

Gail Schneider / Acrylic on paper

Tuli Kupferberg / “Some Kinda Asshole”

Derek Pell / from “The Elements of Style”

Contributors’ Notes

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