Spring 1992

ISBN 1-879691-07-8


Jay Monath / A Clown’s Story

Jacques Servin / War Memorial World

Beth Breznak / The Dishwasher

K. C. Frederick / I Am the Other

William E. H. Meyer, Jr. / The Sweetest Thing: A Real American Story

David Thomson / Interiors

Klaus Hoffer / On the Magnetic Mountain, A Fragment translated by Susan Bernofsky

George Angel / The Music (Part 2)

Hans Koning / The United States

Steve Bergin / fragments from Special Report: a work in progress

Steve Katz / Zion

Matt Hughes / Though Give Terrever

Shoshana T. Daniel /a true stories of lunar war

Philip Hughes / The Mark

Don Webb / Pulptime

Hal Ellson / Men of Nothing

Lance Olsen / Egytidan Hyperspace, Although

Thomas Glynn / Iziti


Harry Polkinhorn / Shadow Architecture at the Crossroads Annual, 19X, by Paul Zelevansky, and The Flood, by Stephen-Paul Martin

Jim Sagel / Akrilica, by Juan Felipe Herrera


Ted Orland / Signs of the South: “Crappie,” “A Three Inch Tongue,” “Revelation Countdown”

John Fekner / “Toxic Junkie,” “Wheels over Indian Trails,” “Read,” “Homeless”

Juan Sanchez / “From Rican/Structured Realities: “Teach,” “Conditions,” “Naci”

Contributors’ Notes

Cover design by David Ouattrociocchi

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