Spring 1991

ISBN 1-879691-00-0


D. E. Steward / Junio

Rikki Ducornet / Janie

Roly Teda / Alien

Kenneth Bernard / Prolegomena

Wang Meng / A Never-Losing Singer

Marianne Hauser / “No Name on the Bullet”

Alberto Moravia / The Novel About the Novel: Notes

Kenneth Gangemi / Marked Lines; Titles of Chinese Poems; The Chinese Poets

Peter Reid / Just the Honeymoon

David Foster Wallace / Forever Overhead

Robert Scott / El Sendero, Nicaragua

Richard Daniels / Complaint

Robert Siegel /Potiphar’s Wife

Peter Brooker /Johnny Satin

Eric Basso / The Amazing Prosthetic Man

Mike Mee / Lev Davidovitch Bronstein, 1879-1940

Ted Gnssman / Asturias: my (my) life

Roberta Allen / House Hunting

Robert Fox / In Search of Social Security

Karen Kevorkian / Between the Wasatch and the Oquirrhs

Brian Swann / Praxiteles

Peter Cherches / A Moot Point

James Gray / wHERE is gONE

David Madin / excerpt from Tom Green

Richard Lyons / Mother and Son

Edward Kleinschmidt / Essay: Where Is the Magic in Continuous Hot Water?; Blood Shed

Beth Partin / Dateline


Richard Kostelanetz / The Persistence of Visual Fiction: Tom Phillips’ The Humument

Lewis Shiner / History as Swiss Cheese: Greil Marcus’ Lipstick Traces: A Secret History of the 20th Century


Photomontage: Peter Kennard / Of Bread and Guns, News Editing on Northern Ireland, Disappeared Prisoners—Chile, Against Torture

Klaus Staeck / The individual is always at the center of things, Hallo Partner, Art is free

Rolf Staeck / Ikaris, Made in America, Olympics

The Living With AIDS Project: Kim Abetes / Censorship

Diane Neumaier / Find a Cure

Contributors’ Notes

Front cover by Peter Kennard, “Warhead”

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