Fall 1990

ISBN 0-916304-88-4


Kay Murphy / The Breakdown of Consciousness in a Latent Adolescent: The Phenomenology of a Subjective Study

Leslie Anice Barnett / Math

T. L. Toma / Nine Novels Murdered Young

Darlene Moore / Sex Sounds at a Distance

Richard Kostelanetz / Epiphanies

Barbara Henning / Detour

Juan Felipe Herrera f Poetic Report on Servants: Toward A Model for Urban Hispaniks USA; San Francisco De Así

Focus: [Third World] Women’s Writing

Darlene J. Sadlier / Making the Difference: Brazilian Women Writing

Lya Luft / The Left Wing of the Angel

Maggie Humm / “an experimental collage, an adventurous college” Feminism in Brazil

Ester Gimbernat de González / The Eloquence of Silence: Argentine Women Authors after the “Proceso”

Georgiana M. M. Colvile / Mapping New Narratives: Contemporary Directions in Quebec Women’s Fiction

Barbara Bennett Peterson and He Hong Fei / Contemporary Chinese Women Writers

Wang Meng / A Case of Eloquence; Helping Each Other; A Man Upholding Unity

Fred Moramarco / Poem Found in a Letter of Application to Graduate School from Beijing (after Tienanmen Square Massacre)

Dionisio D. Martínez / Sundays in Lima

Susan Daitch / X ? Y

Michael Krekorian / Telemorphology

Gene Wolfe / Alphabet

Robert Gregory / Fairy Tale

Derek Pell / Query of Venus: A Rhetorical Text for Anais Nin

Jürg Laederach / Alcowyn Hotel, Massachusetts

Rivanne Sandier / Writers and Censorship in Iran: 1960s—1970s

Michael Morrissey / Jack Kerouac Sat Down beside the Wanganui River and Wept

Mark Amerika / BIG ARTIST MAN / Channeling Vision

Raymond Federman / Samuel Beckett, The Gift of Words


Peter Brooker / Line Break: Poetry As Social Practice, by James Scully

Harry Polkinhorn / Word Cultures: Radical Theory and Practice in William S. Burroughs’ Fiction, by Robin Lydenberg


Norman Conquest

Rupert García

Emma Amos

Christer Themptander

Contributors’ Notes

Front Cover Rupert García, “Political Prisoner” courtesy Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, gift of the artist.

Inside Front Cover Maggie Jaffe, U. S. Political prisoners

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