Spring 1990


Matt Hughes / Nodes Further Shore Snory

K.C. Frederick / Patria

Kathryn Angela Thompson / Flour, Sugar, Water

Octavio Armani / Getting it Down: A Get-Up

Kurt Halliday / Green

Joan Joffe Hall / The Dream Workshop

Ronald Sukenick / Who Are These People?

Bruce Birch

Emmanuel Jouanne / Losing Ground

Charles Bernstein / Wittgensteiniana

Jerry Bumpus / Baking Alaska

Richard Tabata / The Silence, Then Eternity, Then Freedom

Michael Stephens / Still Life with Anjou Pear

Derek Pell / The Revolver

Ruth ann Duffy / Blood Money

Joseph Patrick Doherty / Socialism and the Irish Psyche

Evelyn Conlon / A Little Remote

Richard Royal / Piglet

Marilyn Stablein / Isthmus

David Wong Louie / “Is It Not That The Goats On The Boats Near Bikini Survived The Atomic Bomb?”

Raoul Cantero / Sports in America

Jonathan Baumbach / Low Light

George Singleton / Remembrance of Things Passed

Cris Mazza / Wistfully

Larry McCaffery / The Recognitions: An Editorial Collaboration with Robert Coover’s “Party Talk”

Robert Coover / Party Talk: Unheard Conversations at Gerald’s Party


Catherine D. Smith / South Africa

Patrick Nagatani and Andrée Tracey

Jim Tynan / Northern Ireland

Alison Saar

Cover: Boy plays music in the streets for money, South Africa, Catherine D. Smith

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