Spring 1988


Diana Reed / Anonymous Acts

Marianne Hauser / Heartlands Beat

Bo Ball / Stars Light, Stars Bright

Geoffrey Edmund Fox / Welcome To My Contri

Rubén Vela / The Life of Quispe, the Judge

Kenneth Gangemi / Four Texts

Harold Jaffe / Butterfly McQueen

Larry McCaffery and Jim McMenamin / Interview with William S. Burroughs

Mark Leyner / Gone With The Mind

Stephen Dixon / Frog Remembers

James Scully / In Defense of Ideology

Carmen Naranjo / Symbiosis

John McCloskey

Joyce Carol Oates / Three Fictions

M. E. Keele / Punk Jesus (And The Fall Of The Aztec Empire)

Curtis White / You’ve Changed

Harry Polkinhorn, a.k.a. John Smith / On Original Sin & Absolution

James Gray / You Can Make It Happen

Tom Whalen / After the Rain

Raymond Federman / THE LINE

Frederick Ted Castle / [Fozzle]

Ann Bogle / Tinges of Envy or How You Learn

D. Bauer / Lephard, Lephard


Ernfly Hicks / Sexual/Textwll Politics: Feminist Literary Theory by Toril Moi

Lois R. Kuznets / Two First Novels


Invisible People:

Ruth Morgan / San Quentim Maximum Security

Jim Goldberg / The Nursing Home Series

James Luna / The Artifact Piece

William S. Burroughs / The Red Barn

Jim Tynan / Central American Photos

Cover: Mother of the Disappeared, El Salvador, by Jim Tynan

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