Fall 1987


Leon Rooke / Cooked Pig

Marv Caponegro / The Six Thousand Shoes of Mrs. Marcos

Steve Katz / One Pinch Plut

Robert Kelly / The Woman Who Had Five A’s in Her Name

Rita Valencia / Sex Appeal

Richard Kostelantz / An Ur-Conversation with John Cage About Social Philosophy

Maurice Roche / There but For Memory

James Lewis / The History of the World

Brian Swann / Tule Fog

Stanley Berne / Up the Creek of Mrs. Hitler Chapter 8

Peter Spielberg / The Noctambulists

Stephen-Paul Martin / Feeding the Wind

Bruce Andrews / Two Fictions

George Chambers / Sunday

Maggie Humm / Translation as Survival—Zora Neale Hurston and La Malincha

Einar Schleef / The Memorial


Kathleen B. Jones / Textual Politics—Challenging the Authority of the Father

Francis Browne / Our Nig

Frances Smith Foster / The Man Who Cried I Am


Victor Ochoa / Border Stereotypes: End of the Line

Christopher Gallegher / Terminal Series

Cover: Front page of Futurismo (1932), designed by F.T. Marinetti; permission for reproduction granted by Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University

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