Spring 1987


James Matthews / “From Poisoned Wells”

Gerald Vizenor / “Bound Feet”

Michel Serres / “China Loam”

Phyllis Barber / “Tangles”

Thomas Glynn / “Apartment”

Georges Perec / “Rorschash”

Lynn Luria-Sukenick / “The Man with the Blues Guitar: A Progression on Poetry and Music”

Derek Pell / “The Topsy-Turvy “World of Edward Hopper”

Gary Thompson and Anna Nowak / “An Interview with Tadeusz Konwicki”

Melissa Lentricchia / “The Golden Robe”

Kenneth Bernard / “Question and Answer”

Geoffrey Green / “A Flood of Memories”

Mark Leyner / “my cousin, my gastroenterologist”

Mridula Garg / “Without Love in Bhopal”

Rodolfo Torres / “In the Ruins of Tundavala” “Execution”

Michael Krekorian / “Avedis”

Bessie Head / “The Coming of the Christ-Child”

Richard Kostelanetz / “Stories”

Craig Padawer / “Cause and Effect”

Gene Wolfe / “Parkroads — A Review”

Jonathan Franzen / “Facts”

Alain Arias-Mission / “The ‘New Novel’ and TV Culture: Reflections on Walter Abish’s How German Is It?

Thomas S. Donahue / “How to Read Black English Critically: A Guide”


Bloods / reviewed by John A. Williams

Dana P. Polan / on Rosalind E. Krauss

Formalism and Marxism and Reception Theory: A Critical Introduction / reviewed by Gerald J. Butler


Liz Sisco / “Border Ordure”

David Avalos / “The Border: An International Fiction”

Cover: Undocumented Mexican Woman, Solana Beach, California, 1984. Photograph by Elizabeth Sisco

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