Fall 1973


Albert Drake / “The Postcard Mysteries”

Joyce Carol Oates / “Unpublished Fragments”

Robley Wilson, Jr. / “Happy Marriages Are Alike”

Ronald Sukenick / “from Out

Gregory Fitz Gerald / “A Touch of Nature”

C. E. Poverman / “Sports Illustrated”


Jerome Klinkowitz / Jerzy Kosinski

John O’Brien / Ishmael ReedCritiques

Robert Scholes on John Barth

Ihab Hassan on Ronald Sukenick

Richard Hack on Eugene Wildman

Raymond Federman on Samuel Beckett

Charles Russell on Julio Cortazar

Daniel J. Cahill on Jerzy Kosinski

Jerome Klinkowitz on Charles Wright


Gary Gildner / from Nails

James Doolittle / Organized Chickens for Survival

S. Zanetakosiba / Turning Like an Ox

Roger Weingarten / Corsets Burn the Flesh

William Stafford / It’s Time

T.C. Scuris / Waking in the Dark

Joan McCoy / Iscariot

Robert Funt / A Russian View of History. En Face De L’Englise

Rosemarie Waldrop / Difficulties of a Heavy Body

Keith Waldrop / Propostion I; Proposition II

Kathy Ungerer / King Bean; The Room

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