Fall 1982


James Sunwall / “Love in the Forest”

Anthony Caputi / “The Voyeur”

John Solensten / “Feathers”

Lillian C. Jen / “The Small Concerns of Sparrows”

Laurie Alberts / “Veterans”

Walter Sanders / “Tattoos”

Roger Parham-Brown / “Driving the Boss Lady”

Lee K. Abbott, Jr. / “Living Alone in Iota”

Kevin Tudish / “August”

M.L. Moore / “How”

William Hathaway / “Let’s All Go to the Dairy Queen”

Marianne Wiggins / “Millie and Hesh”


Joyce Renwick / John Irving

Joyce Renwick / Gail Godwin


Edward Hirsch / “Excuses; Two Unhappy Love Poems”

Kenneth Rosen / “My Tea”

Lorrie Goldensohn / “Real Estate; Street Log”

Elizabeth Spires / “Song of Renunciation”

Herbert Scott / “Fathers of Desire”

Gerald Stern / “Moscow”

Marilyn Hacker / “Self”

Nadell Fishman / “Study; Love is Nothing”

Pamela Harrison / “Almagest”

Jack Myers / “The Diamond Explanation; Imbalance; Ghazal”

Daniel Mark Epstein / “The Glass”

James Reiss / “Anandi”

Nicholas Christopher / “Treaty of Love”

Cynthia Hogue / “Walking the Wasteland in Thule”

Pamela Stewart / “Local Color”

Barry Goldensohn / “Garden Sculpture; The Young Wife Begins”

Julie Fay / “Tornado; Four Years After”

David Wojahn / “Red Clouds, Ocean Springs”

Deborah Ward / “Messages; Desire; Rainmakers”

David Ignatow / “If I Kiss You”

Jeannie Thompson / “Song for My Body’s Dancing”

Leslie Ullman / “American Deaf Dance Company, Whistle Stop”

David St. John / “Vain in Vain”

Stephen Sandy / “Tally”

Michael Burkard / “Untitled”

Albert Goldbarth / “Toward Congruency”

Valerie Wells / “The Magician and His Assistant”

Pamela White Hadas / From Betsy Ross in Thirteen States of Mind

Mark Doty / “Three Sundays, A Saturday, Roses, Photographs”

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