Autre Review of Harold Jaffe’s Death Café

[BOOK REVIEW] SUSAN GRACE REVIEWS HAROLD JAFFE’S NEW BOOK, DEATH CAFÉ April 14, 2016 Harold Jaffe, progressive, social activist, and author of 24 innovative books, including Othello Blues, Revolutionary Brain, Anti-Twitter, and Induced Coma, has planted another mine in the minds of readers worldwide with his latest work, Death Café. The title alone, Death Café, […]

Provisional Notes on Art Brut.

by Erica Spriggs Art brut, also known as outsider art, is not merely an expression of “madness.” It goes beyond the constructs of language into a deeper realm of consciousness. It disobeys the formula of lines, color, and composition; it becomes itself as it deconstructs itself, as the audience attempts to find a reference that […]