Fall 2005

ISBN 1-879691-76-0


Kachora and Ken Small / “Toltec Dream Matrix”

Susanne Petermann / “Every Other Monday, Authentic Movement”

John E. Smelcer / “Squirrel Shaman”

Louise Domaratius / “Mariam’s Wedding Gift”

Richard Kostelanetz / Visual

Maria Golia / “Weekend in Alexandria”

Jeffrey S. Chapman / “The Scapegoat”

Jilali El Koudia / “The Missing Child”

Adelaida Lucena de Lower / “The Scholar’s Wife”

Charles H. Webb / “Pharaoh Thanks God for the Exodus”

Alexander Boldizar / “Pulling Shadows”

Garrett Rowlan / “A Photograph of God”

Kathleen B. Jones / “Eating Camille Paglia”

Melanie Lamaga / “Invisible Heist”

Ella DeCastro Baron / “Kaua’i”

Don Waters / “Kindergarten”

David M. Hurwitz / “A Little Taste”

Peter Conners / “The Coffee Barista’s Experiment”

Alfred Schwaid / “Days Cannot Occur Together”

Lyn Halper / from Adventures of a Suburban Mystic: A True Story of Spiritual Transformation and Supernatural Encounters

David Matlin / “DownRiver Crow”

Alan Kilpatrick / “Nagualismo Revisited: A Peruvian Odyssey”

Alicita Rodríguez / “Maritime Priest”

Tom Whalen / “Doll with Chili Pepper”

Florence Homolka / “The Renunciate”

Jonathan Baumbach / “Window in the Woods”

Arthur Saltzman / “The Orders of Magnitude”

Daniel Berrigan / “A Poem About No More Poems, Maybe”

Harold Jaffe / “Inhabit”

Contributors’ Notes

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